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Lutes for Sale

Here are some lutes for sale. I am posting this as a service, and I can not make any recommendations, as I have never seen these instruments nor met the sellers. They are listed with the most recent contributions on the top. Please reply to the sellers directly, and not to me. If you buy or sell one of these lutes, please notify me so I can take it off the list! If you are looking at instruments to buy be aware that people don't always tell me when they sell their instrument. If the instrument has been listed for over a year there is a 50 percent chance that it is sold. If you want me to post your instrument please read this

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Warning! the Nigerian Scam has hit the lute world!
Read this if you are selling a lute!

You will be contacted by fradulent would be buyers! You will get lots of spam!
Don't sell anything to someone in Nigeria! Don't accept a check for more than the value of the instrument plus shipping!
Snopes has an excellent page about scams!

Note - Aug 2008, I just got the first advertisement from a "Nigerian" trying to sell a guitar. In March 2017 some fishy looking ads were submitted to me with pictures apparently taken from eBay.

use Google image search to see if the pictures you are looking at are right. Or look to see if the same instrument is on eBay by another seller.

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  • 6 course vihuela de mano in g, by Francisco Hervás (2014).
    String length: 59.5 cm.
    Mahogany back and sides, cypress neck and pegbox and spruce top.
    An amazing sounding instrument, wonderfully decorated, almost a collector's item.
    Price (including case): 4600 euros.
    Can be seen on the right here:
    Photos on request. instruments can be seen in Madrid.
    Contact Ariel Abramovich: +34625446787
    December 15 2017

  • 6 course Vihuela de mano in a' by Marcus Wesche (2009)
    String length 55 cm.
    Cypress vaulted back and sides, cypress neck and pegbox spruce top.
    Price (including case): 3500 Euros
    Here is the one:
    instruments can be seen in Madrid.
    Contact Ariel Abramovich: +34625446787
    April 10 2017
    December 15 2017

  • 6 course lute, early 16 C model, based on various sources of iconography, built by Alfonso Marín in 2013.
    String length: 59.5 cm.
    Maple back, pear wood neck and pegbox, wonderful spruce top.
    Price (including case) 2950 Euros.
    Can be heard here:
    instruments can be seen in Madrid.
    Contact Ariel Abramovich: +34625446787
    April 10 2017
    December 15 2017

  • beautiful 6-course lute made by the prestigious maker Ivo Maguerini (2014) for sale.
    The instrument is in excellent condition. Spruce soundboard and figured maple body. Nice transparent sound, good projection and playability. 61 cm string length. Includes Kingham MTM case.
    can be seen in Madrid.
    2700 € plus shipping.
    picture picture picture picture
    December 15 2017

  • I am selling my 10c lute by Lars Jönsson (2014). It is based on the Magno Tieffenbrucker C.45 body.
    I am selling it because the string length is slightly too long for me. Currently a=415Hz. Perfect condition! A Kingham case is included.
    I am asking for 4600€ without possible shipping from Finland.
    December 13 2017

  • A rarely seen 11 crs Swan neck lute based on Johann Zacher/Darcher(?) c1691 Bresslaw/ Michielle Harton, Padua (MIR899).
    Lightweight, yew multi ribbed shallow body with veneered neck with holly lines, ebony fingerboard, pear wood bridge, stained maple swan neck, strung all in gut in f' a=415Hz, Kingham case included. It could be restrung for 11crs Archlute music as has been suggested and suitably loud enough considering the shallow body (11cms)
    located in Derby, UK.
    Price £4690
    Contact jamarriage (at)
    pictures at
    December 12 2017

  • 11 course French baroque lute built by Ray Nurse, Vancouver BC in 1981. 63cm string length. Includes case.
    Setup well.
    A joy to play.
    Beautiful voice.
    Asking 5000 US dollars.
    Shipping not included.
    Contact: Will Tocaben
    This lute is located in western NC.
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    December 11 2017

  • Baroque Guitar based on Antonio Stradivari, made by Luciano Lovadina in Treviso (Italy) in 1987,
    new fingerboard, new bridge and restoration by Antonio Dattis in 2017.
    String length is 67 cm.
    Spruce top, rosewood pegs and ebony fingerboard, flamed maple back and neck.
    The guitar is used but in excellent condition, fully functional and perfectly in tune.
    It comes with a semi-hard case (see photo), very light and built to measure. Great for flight travels.
    You can see it and hear its sound on:
    The instrument is in Lecce (south-east Italy).
    Price asked is 2200 euros plus shipping.
    contact: Luca Tarantino +39.348.4857659
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    December 6 2017

  • Very nice 6 course vihuela made by Sebastián Núñez in 2010
    String length 59cm
    One piece carved walnut body-neck-head
    Case included
    Shipping expenses not included
    Price: € 2950,-
    December 5 2017

  • Very nice 13 course lute made by Mathias Wagner in 2010.
    Body made in Rio Palissander (With CITES documents).
    String length: 11x69 / 2x76cm
    Price € 3750,- case included
    Shipping expenses not included
    Contact: Sebastián Núñez, email:
    December 3 2017

  • Theorbo for sale. Model after Buchenberg,
    string length 89/160 cm, 7x7 or 6x8, multi-rib maple back, top - alpine spruce. The theorbo was made in 2014 by Christo Georgiev and works equally well on 415 and 440 Hz, suitable for both continuo and solo repertories. No cracks or damages.
    Comes with soft bag and hard RCH case.
    Asking price: 3700 €.
    Available in Europe.
    For more questions, pictures and sound, please email yavorusmagnus AT
    picture picture picture picture picture picture
    November 28 2017

  • 7c Renaissance lute by German luthier Wolfgang Emmerich
    Nice condition and projection, incl. almost new Meinel case. Just selling it because I want to buy a baroque lute.
    Located in Cologne area, Germany
    price is 2350 €
    picture picture picture picture
    November 26a2 017

  • 8-c lute by Martin Haycock with a Kingham case. Good condition, warm and full sound, low action. 4400€
    Located in France, Aix-en-Provence.
    November 26 2017

  • 10-c lute by Nigel Solomon, perfect action and condition. 1250€ alone and 1380€ with a padded bag from Le Point d'Accroche.
    Located in France, Aix-en-Provence.
    November 26 2017

  • 7-course vihuela, in custom Kingham case, in perfect condition and with generous scoop and excellent low (and buzz-free) action.
    flamed walnut body, ebony-veneered spruce neck. Great warm vihuela sound, being sold as my lute has out-competed it for my attention. Strung in Nylgut.
    Made by Christopher Davies in Portland Oregon. email for pictures and specifics of action/spacing measurements if desired.
    $1500 USD.
    November 21 2017

  • Vihuela for sale. built in 2013 by Michael P.Nalysnyk, England.
    Spruce Top with nice Pearwood/Ebony decoration, Back and Sides Maple. String length 60 cm. Works both in g and a tuning.
    Comes with a standard TKL Case.
    Price 1700 €.
    The Instrument is located in the south of Germany and can be seen in Salzburg/Austria or Munich.
    picture picture picture picture
    November 19 2017

  • Lesser French Theorbo, built by Stephen Barber & Sandi Harris (2005)
    String length: 760mm (diapasons: 1400mm) Custom hard Kingham case. Back of 11 ebony ribs, striped with golden rosewood; ebony fingerboard; ebony veneered upper neck; spruce soundboard with triple rosette. An extraordinary instrument, in perfect condition.
    Price: 4800 €
    The instrument is located in Rome, Italy
    Number: +39 373/7595748
    picture picture picture picture picture
    November 18 2017

  • 10-course lute by Michael Schreiner. Unverdorben model made in 2011;
    66.4 cm string length. Yew bowl. Kingham case.
    $5,600 plus shipping and insurance.
    Contact: tallantthomas [at] yahoo [dot] com.
    picture picture picture picture picture
    November 3 2017

  • Archlute from Renatus Lechner (2015) for sale.
    Model Sellas 64,4/134cm (6 courses + 8 bass strings). The archlute lute is like new, not used. Beautiful and projective sound, easy to play. The lute is almost not played in a very good condition. It is in Germany - Bremen.
    The price is 4500,- € with hard case.
    For more photos or if you are interested please contact me on: or +4915786396056
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    August 7 2017 October 6 2017 October 23 2017

  • 6 string romantic guitar by Lars Jönsson after René Lacote, Paris 1847
    Stringlength 630 mm, Back and sides of birdseye maple, Ebony fingerboard. Machine head made by David Rogers. Building year 2001. Been used a lot in concert and works fantastic for both solo and chamber music. It is a guitar with a very good dynamic range with a deep base and sweet sounding trebles.
    Comes with a Kingham hardcase.
    Price 3800 €.
    The guitar is located in Trondheim, Norway.
    Phone: +46733746178
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    August 23 2017
    October 19 2017

  • Theorbo by Van Der Geest (1983)
    Diapason 75/110.
    It is a great instrument with a really nice color of the sound, and it is really comfortable to play; I am selling it to buy another theorbo that i like and unfortunatly i need to seel my Van Der Geest for it. The soundboard (harmonic table) is original, but the bridge was replaced some years ago (not from me but it is a very well done job); the case is included.
    Price euro 3900
    The theorbo is now between Swizerland and Italy (I travel in both places)
    picture picture picture picture
    October 19 2017

  • 7 string Early Romantic guitar "Lacote" copy by David Edwards - 2013.
    Spruce top, rosewood back and sides. Full and loud tone; a gorgeous looking instrument as well. Hardshell case and free shipping in North America.
    $3,800 USD.
    For more photos and information contact:
    picture picture picture picture picture picture
    October 11 2017

  • Early Romantic guitar by D.A. Roudhloff, ca. 1848, London.
    Excellent condition, very playable, needs no repairs or setup work. Spruce top, mahogany back and sides with Brazilian rosewood veneer. Neck also has Brazilian rosewood veneer. Original tuners. Hardshell case; not fitted.
    $3,500 USD - shipping is included within North America.
    The guitar is in Oregon.
    audio with photos:
    for additional photos or information contact:
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    March 2 2017
    October 11 2017

  • Archlute by Cesar Arias, made in 2013.
    Excellent condition. String lengths are 64 cm and 98 cm. It is based on a Sellas instrument(1639 Venecia) located in the Museo Civico di Bolonia. It is single stringed throughout at the moment, but it has pegs and bridge holes for a complete double stringing but the bridge and the top were changed by the builder at my request (to make the instrument work at it´s best with single strings) and the bridge has now holes only for single strings. It works extremely well for continuo playing and definitely also for solo playing.
    It is an excellent professional instrument with a brilliant and powerful sound, good projection and an outstanding resonance both for solo or continuo. Great action and playability. It can be heard in the continuo of some tracks of this recording which I made in 2014:
    Plaisir Sacré, an album by La Bellemont on Spotify
    Price is 3500€ plus shipping/insurance.
    The archlute is located in Vigo (Spain).
    Comes with a made to measure bag.
    For more info and pictures:
    picture picture picture
    October 10 2017 updated
    December 6 2017

  • 7 course, 58cm Venere Renaissance Lute by Daniel Larson - 2012. Excellent (Mint) condition.
    Cherry wood, Italian alpine spruce top with ebony binding, Cherry fingerboard with ebony binding. Custom Kingham case included. Free shipping within the USA.
    $3,500 (dollars)
    Contact The lute is in Iowa.
    picture picture picture
    October 9 2017

  • 7-c. lute by David E Fitzpatrick.
    61cm string length, Swiss Alpine top, Maple ribs, Rosewood fingerboard and half binding. Built nearly two years ago but not pl ayed very much. Excellent condition, comes with a bent plywood case.
    $2,000 plus shipping.
    picture picture picture picture
    October 6 2017

  • Stephen Barber and Sandi Harris 8-course student lute after Hans Frei (1530)
    Built in 2011
    62cm string length
    asking $USA 3500 (or reasonable offer)
    Comes with custom-fit MTM Kingham case
    Portland, ME, U.S.A.
    picture picture picture picture
    October 1 2017

  • Vihuela by Dan Larson (2003)
    • 59.5cm string length / spruce top
    • birds-eye maple sides and back
    • ebony pegs
    • ebony front binding
    • maple/ebony veneered neck and headstock
    • maple/ebony inlayed fingerboard
    • 5 small soundboard inlays
    • Kingham case included
    • strung in nylgut (will include new Aquila CD red basses)
    $3,600 plus shipping/insurance
    Instrument is located in Los Angeles, CA
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    October 1 2017

  • Vihuela by Daniel Larson - 2017. Mint condition.
    59cm string length. Cedar top, maple back and sides, boxwood pegs. Strung in nylgut. $3,300 includes Kingham case. I'm selling only because the string spacing is a bit narrow for my fingers. This instrument has a rich and intimate sound. Shipping within the USA included in price.
    Contact The vihuela is in Oregon.
    picture picture picture picture picture
    September 29 2017

  • 7 Course Renaissance Luth, Model Wendelio Venere 1592 made in 2017 by Baptiste Guillemin
    Great sound and playability, the lute is curently strung with nylgut and copper with nylon treble
    Lightly historical constructed with a 590 mm string length
    Spec tech
    - AAA Europeen Spruce top with ebony edging
    - G.Gerle Rose pattern
    - Shell: 19 grenadillo ribs with black spacers.
    - Ebony fingerbord,
    - Beechwood double walled pegbox construction and neck veneered with Mexican ebony both finished in oil
    - Grenadillo pegs with pips
    - Kingham case include
    Asking price 3400$ US + Shipping from Canada
    Instrument can be seen in Quebec city
    Please contact me for further information:
    picture picture picture picture picture picture
    September 26 2017

  • 8-course tenor lute (in f) by Stephen Gottlieb, built in 1979,
    the exact era of (if it wasn't THE lute, hard to tell really, but looks like it)
    String length 67 cm with a very comfortable action. Multi ribbed back in yew. Mint condition! With fitted original Paxman case, also like new. This rare instrument is perfect for song accompaniment with counter tenors and is surprisingly easy to play thanks to the perfectly low action hence the string length of 67.
    Location Berlin, Germany.
    Price and photos on request.
    Please call +49 157 74943449 or email me:
    October 25 2017

  • 8-course Renaissance lute, Andres Sender, Sacramento, CA; 1998.
    64cm mensur. Loud and clear tone. Currently strung in original nylgut and silverwound strings at A=440; probably needs new strings and it would sound better in A=415, or even in F at A=440. Comes in a whimsically decorated hard case.
    The instrument can be seen in Portland, OR.
    Asking $1500 plus shipping.s
    Email mollyclasen(at)
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    September 12 2017

  • For sale 13c Baroque Lute by Bernd Holzgruber (1982)
    String length 72 / 104,5, swan-neck, 2500 Eur with hard case plus shipping.
    The instrument can be seen in Konstanz or Bologna.
    Pictures on request:
    September 12 2017

  • Stephen Barber and Sandi Harris 8-course student lute
    63cm string length
    asking $USA 1300 (or reasonable offer)
    Currently sells for about $2300 new, this one is from the early 90s
    Comes in the original shipping box
    picture picture picture picture picture
    September 8 2017

  • 8 course lute, made by Stephen Barber in 2012.
    Excellent condition and recently re-fretted. comes with Kingham case. Asking $3,500 or best reasonable offer.
    Mike Hawrylycz
    Seattle, WA
    picture picture picture
    September 5 2017

  • 10-course bass lute in D
    made by Jason Petty in 2016
    75 cm string-length tuned in D (415)
    11 ribs of figured maple with ebony veneered neck and pegbox, pear tuning pegs
    Nylgut trebles and copper overwound basses.
    $6500 USD includes Kingham case.
    email: instrumentorium(at)
    picture picture picture picture picture
    August 28 2017

  • 8-course Renaissance lute after Hieber, by Ray Nurse (2014), 61 cm.
    This exceptional concert instrument was made for me by the renowned luthier Ray Nurse in Vancouver in 2014. Many of the top lutenists, including Paul O’Dette and Ronn McFarlane, have performed and recorded on sister copies of this lute, made by the same maker. Spruce top, ebony veneered neck and pegbox, inlaid heart, back of 13 maple ribs. Currently tuned in G at 440 Hz, but sounds equally great at 415 and even 400. The sound is exceptional in quality and very well developed in all registers. The low action and perfect string spacing make this lute very comfortable to play. The lute comes with a custom-made Kingham hard case, strap, an extra set of strings, stringing lists, fret gut, and fret charts for various temperaments. Selling purely for financial reasons. Similar quality instruments from other top makers cost much more and have at least a 5-year waiting list. This is a rare opportunity to acquire a lute by this great maker.
    The instrument is in Vancouver, Canada, but can also be seen and bought during the Lute Society of America Summer Festival at the University of Victoria, Canada, August 6-12, 2017.
    Price reduced - $5,100 USD, ($6500 CAD) obo (shipping excluded)
    More photos and sample recordings available on request.
    Contact: Konstantin R. Bozhinov
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    July 6 2017 with a price update
    August 28 2017

  • Baroque Guitar made by Dan Larson.
    Figured maple back and sides; Spruce top; Mahogany neck and head. String length is 64 cm. This is a beautiful sounding guitar, currently strung with Pyramid nylon. No dings, repairs or scratches. Excellent condition.
    Price with Kingham case: US$2900.
    Located in Frederick, MD, USA.
    Contact David Rastall at or 301-378-2278.
    Picture Picture Picture
    August 15 2017

  • New Vihuela 2017 66 cm by Paulo de Carmo , 6 course, beautiful tone and great action
    located in New Hampshire, please email for more info or to
    1900.00 USD plus shipping or local pick up
    picture picture picture picture picture
    August 7 2017

  • 13 courses baroque lute built by Carlos González in 2004.
    The instrument is in perfect condition and has a spectacular sound that is increasing with the passing of time. The lute is constructed of pine wood for the top and maple and rosewood for staves.
    Hardcase included.
    The instrument is currently in Málaga, Spain. I can ship worldwide.
    Price: 5400€
    Contact: +34.692.140.286 or
    picture picture picture picture picture
    July 30 2017

  • 14 course single stringed theorbo made by Alexander Hopkins (2014), 82/162cm.
    Spruce Top, ribs in Wenghe, without case. A new set of Nylgut Aquila strings will be sent with the instrument.
    The instrument is located in Curitiba, Brazil and more photos and videos can be sent upon request.
    new lower price: 3.000 USD.
    picture picture picture picture picture
    December 21 2016
    July 26 2017

  • Baroque guitar (made in 2014) by Anna Radice, based on an anonymous Italian guitar (her model 46).
    Rounded back in yew wood. String length 66 cm. Hardshell case by Manzano. Recently serviced: New frets and some minor work to replace the two highest gut frets with wooden frets. Ebony veneered neck and fingerboard. Parchment rose. Bright, very clear and sweet sound with strong projection.
    Price 3800 U.S. dollars plus shipping/insurance.
    The guitar is located in Alaska.
    For more photos and information: tallantthomas(@)yahoo(dot)com.
    picture picture picture picture picture picture
    July 26 2017

  • 7-course lute by Steve Roslund, 1999.
    This lute comes with a crappy plywood case, but it is the best-fitting crappy plywood case I have ever seen. The bowl is of what looks like ash. 60 cm scale length. This lute is a great student instrument. It compares very well in every way to lutes made in the near-east, and to lutes made in China – through France. (Names withheld to protect the innocent)
    $800.00 plus shipping.
    Contact: Joseph Mayes – or 856 858 8902.
    picture picture picture
    June 30 2017

  • 6 courses vihuela for sale by Carlos González
    Made in 2003, good condition.
    String length 61cm. Hard case by Manzano.
    Back and sides sandalwood. Parchement rose.
    Very good sound.
    Asking Price: 2100€
    Located in Almeria, Spain.
    June 23 2017

  • 6-course lute by William Good, after Gerle, 59.7cm string length.
    European Spruce soundboard, 11 ribs of figured ash in a golden brown oil varnish. European beech neck and pegbox, plum fingerboard and pegs. Includes Kingham case.
    picture picture picture picture picture picture
    June 21 2017

  • 13 course swan neck Baroque lute for sale:
    This is a brand new instrument by Anatoli Gundilowicz 2017, set up and "tuned" by us, in perfect shape, comes in a made do measure hard case.
    listen / watch:
    please contact for more information. Anna Kowalska &amd; Anton Birula
    June 14 2017

  • Theorbo for sale. Made by Didier Jarny.
    Completly revised by a lute maker, very low action. (720mm 1190mm), Pictures on demand.
    1900€ including Gigbag.
    Contact :
    Both instruments can be seen and tried in France, Aix-en-Provence

    May 28 1017

  • 19th Century Guitar
    This 19th Century guitar is from the Guild of Luthiers known as Petite Jean.
    It is fine sounding Romantic Guitar suitable for concerts or recording .
    It stands out as distinctively made with a solid Maple back (unlike the veneer sometimes seen of birch on other instruments from this builder)
    It was part of a fine collection of instruments that belonged to Luthier Gabriel Sousa in San Jose, California.
    It bears stamp Paris and the name Lacote is etched above the stamp. .
    I provide a modern case that fits well.
    I am open to trades for this instrument.
    I have a similar Petite Jean labeled as such and do not need to keep both.
    For this reason I am selling this instrument that is well worth keeping.
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    May 21 2017

  • Mandora, italian model, made by Béranger Griot from an original german lute-guitar (body and neck) from the beginning of the 20th century, France, 2013.
    String length : 66,5 cm
    Tuned like a baroque guitar but with a low A : Aa - Dd - gg - bb - e
    Original rose in walnut and peer woods.
    Nice decorations on the head.
    Spruce top, curly maple vaulted ribs, walnut fingerboard, maple neck, ebony pegs and black coloured bridge.
    New gut frets, new nylgut strings.
    Soft bag included.
    Great sound, very easy to play, perfect to be played in solo or in continuo.
    Asking price : 1200 € + shipping from France.
    Payment via bank transfer only.
    Contact : Julien Coulon, Paris (France),
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    May 19 2017

  • • 8 Course Renaissance Lute
    • Location: Hamburg, Germany
    • Contact: BARBARA FERLONI
    • String length: 59.5 cm in G tuning
    • Maker: Barbara Ferloni.
    • soundboard :alpine spruce, edging in ebony
    • body: cherry with ebony lines
    • neck: ebony veneer with maple lines
    • fingerboard: ebony
    • pegbox: cherry with ebony veneer
    • pegs: cherry with pips in box
    • strings NY aquila
    • price: 4,000€
    • padded case
    picture picture
    May 17 2017

  • Wonderful 14 course archlute made by Michael Lowe in 1984 and rebuild by himself in 2009.
    Body made of yew. String length: 6x66cm / 8x139cm (single bases).
    Price: € 6500,- (euro), case included.
    Contact: Sebastián Núñez, email:
    Phone number: +31308784614,
    May 14 2017

  • Nice little 6-Course lute, Mel Wong, 2005.
    54.5 mesure. White maple back and neck. Currently tuned in A but sounds good in G as well. Low action, quick response, sweet, incisive sound quality and projection. Kingham hard shell case. Perfect for the smaller hand or young beginner.
    1500-dollars ($1500.00). Best if buyer collects but shipping can be arranged. Contact: Michael O'Rourke San Francisco, CA, 415 665 2907
    picture picture picture
    May 6 2017

  • 10-Course lute by Stephen Barber & Sandi Harris, after Hans Frei
    1991, 64 cm, stunning bearclaw spruce top, 11 ash ribs, ebony fingerboard, Kingham case. This instrument has been carefully maintained over the years and has never needed any significant repair. It is in exceptional condition for its age. Instrument is currently in Corvallis, Oregon, USA.
    $3500 plus shipping
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    April 30 29017

  • 8-course Renaissance lute by Stephen Barber, 2002.
    After Hans Frei, 63 cm. In perfect condition, beautiful instrument. Comes with Kingham case.
    Price: 3300 Euro
    Lute is located in Malmoe, Sweden.
    April 28 2017

  • 19th Century Guitar for Sale by Lourdes Uncilla 2013. Guitar modelled after Petit Jean L'Aine model (ca. 1790).
    Six strings, with exceptional character, color and sonority .Perfect for Sor and later composers. Maple back and sides (typically French construction of the time, like bow instruments), with pine-spruce top and ebony on the fretboard. Ebony pegs (without mechanism) and the bridge holding the strings with buttons, also made of ebony.
    The scale is 65 cm. The finish is natural wax for the top, rubber-lacquer for the box and lacquered in black for the neck. Comes in hand made Spanish case. The Guitar is in excellent condition with excellent projection and tone.
    $4500 Au.
    This guitar is in Melbourne Australia but will ship worldwide for around $300.
    Contact me for more details or more photos/ sound bite.. ph +61416189231
    picture picture picture
    April 17 2017

  • Baroque guitar, model Stradivari for sale
    Made by great luthier Jiri Cepelak in Prague 2016.
    Model Stradivarius, string length - 65 cm.
    Custom case included.
    Lovely, professional instrument. No signs of using.
    Asking price - 2500 € + shipping from Poland.
    Payment - via bank transfer only. I have enough fake offers with the same scenario. So if you want to make an offer, pay via paypal and do not care about shipping etc. - do not waste my time - I know it's fake offer.
    picture picture picture picture picture picture
    April 10 2017

  • An Arthur Robb eight course lute begun in 2013 is now available.
    The string length is 600mm and it is tuned to g. The 13 rib body is figured English sycamore and the soundboard is Swiss pine. The price of £3000 includes a Kingham (MTM) case and it can be shipped worldwide. A full set of photos is at . Contact Arthur Robb at or on 01666-822945.
    April 5 2017

  • THEORBO for sale by Jorge Sentieiro:
    After Sellas, String length 76/138 cm, 14 single strings, disposed either 7+7 or 8+6; powerfull and clear sound. This is a new instrument from my workshop, with Kingham case. The ribs are of yew, best spruce top of swiss pine.
    Price 5500 Euros.
    It can be tried in Basel, Switzerland. Please write for more information:
    picture picture picture picture picture picture
    April 4 2017

  • 11 Course Baroque Lute by Liuteria d'Insieme of Milan (2009) after J. C. Hoffman (1716); 68cm; bridge and nut prepared so it can also be configured as a 10 Course Renaissance Lute;
    Rosewood 9 rib bowl; very fine grained spruce belly; in excellent condition.
    Generous string spacing and ideal action make for good playability.
    Custom Kingham case included.
    Replacement value approx. € 2,800
    Price: € 1,900, including professional packing and shipping within EU
    [Discount for pickup within 100km of Lisbon, Portugal.]
    further info:
    Contact: dcartier10 [at]
    picture picture picture picture picture
    March 28 2017

  • 7-course Renaissance Lute by Robert Lundberg in1975.
    This 7-course Renaissance lute was made by Robert Lundberg in1975. It has a book matched medium grain spruce top with 11-rib domestic yew bowl joined with fillets in between. The neck is possibly limewood with the head veneered with rosewood, turned boxwood pegs and a fingerboard of Black African Ebony. String length is 61cm with 8 tied on gut frets and 4 wooden frets on the soundboard. The bridge is stained black with stamped decoration and a bone nut. The rosette is a Star of David. Robert Lundberg made this lute with a custom case in 1975 and I purchased it in 1980 and used it in the Collegium Musicum at the University of Iowa. It has an excellent sound and is very playable, but as a professional guitarist playing 19th-c. and modern guitars, I have rarely used this fine instrument since the 1980s. It is in mint condition.
    Price: $3,000.00 US dollars; buyer pays shipping. PayPal or personal check preferred.
    Contact: John Dowdall at or 319-360-6366.
    Lute is located in Marion, Iowa -brune USA.
    picture picture picture picture picture
    March 27 2017

  • 10-course lute by Lawrence K. Brown, 1987, string length of 66.5, currently strung as an F lute at A=440.
    I have strung it as a G lute but it is happiest strung at F. The bowl is made of 37 shaded yew ribs with rosewood spacers. The instrument is based on a lute by Magno dieffopruchar, Venetia / 1609, which is currently in the Museo Civico Bardini (nr. 144) in Florence, Italy. This instrument is currently strung in Nylgut and Savarez NF strings. It has a rather deep bowl which gives the bass a very full sound.
    The instrument is in Cincinnati, OH.
    $ 4000 USD with case.
    If you are interested I’m at picture picture picture picture
    March 22 2017

  • Vihuela 6 course for sale.
    Woods: rosewood and maple.
    Diapason: 63 cm.
    Luthier: Gianluca Ceccarini
    Conditions: New
    Country: Italy
    Price: 2,000 €
    Web site:
    February 21 2017

  • fantastic 8c renaissance lute based in Vendelio Venere (58 cm) and made by Markus Dietrich in 2008.
    It's in mint condition and the fingerboard is very comfortable, but over all it sounds really loud being a renisance lute.
    The price is 2700 Eur (hard case included) and is located in Basel, Switzerland.
    Don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested to try it or to have more info,photos etc
    picture picture picture picture
    February 18 2017

  • Student theorbo after Magno Dieffoprouchar made by Marco Golinelli (liuteria d'insieme) in 2008.
    Val di fiemme's red spruce soundboard, rosewood ribs with holly spacers, maple neck and extension painted (extension is rosewood veneered on top), ebony fingerboard and pegs, pear and ebony bridge. String length 74/140cm.
    It comes with a RCH wooden case and a Musicover waterproof hard bag.
    The instrument is now in Venice, Italy.
    I'm willing to ship it by mail if needed.
    It has got a small crack on the upper part of the soundboard that the luthmaker made accidentally while he was opening the instrument to correct the action.
    Anyway, it's located over the junction and it doesn't reach the vibrant surface so it's not a problem for the sound quality.
    I'm asking € 2200.
    picture picture picture picture
    February 8 2017

  • 14-course archlute by Michael Schreiner, 2008 after Tecchler
    15-rib ebony back with white holly spacers, neck veneered in ebony and blood wood, and extension edged with white holly.
    68 / 153 cm
    This lute has been played professionally, and travels well! Includes custom flight case by Jiri Bednar. Located in Cleveland, OH, USA.
    7,500 USD
    January 26 2017

  • Simple but such beauty 13c Baroque Lute. Swan Neck after Thielke. 75x90e
    Perfect for a beginner. Powerful basses. I would take 1750 eu, (new it coast 3500) because there is a crack on the sound board and perhaps it should to be reduce the strings action on the fingerboard, it depends on your taste. It is still completly playable and easy to play.
    The instrument is located in North Germany, near to Hamburg.
    January 23 2017

  • Baroque Guitar by Blackbird Music (Mel Wong), San Francisco, 2002.
    Verboam-style with ornate rosette and mustache bridge decoration. Spruce top, Rosewood back & sides. 67.5 cm string length. A couple seams or splits opened early in the guitar's life but have been professionally repaired and remain barely visible and completely stable. I have played this guitar in solo, chamber and orchestral settings for years and it has served me very well in all cases. a crisp, clear sound from a solid and well-made instrument. Currently strung in gut, but I can restring it in Nylgut before shipping/selling.
    $3400 includes a custom Kingham case, restringing in Nylgut (or spare set of new Nylgut strings) and shipping/delivery to lower 48 USA.
    The instrument is located in St. Louis, MO
    Clips with this guitar (#1 audio: solo, #2 audio: orchestral & chamber setting, #3 video: chamber)
    youtube youtube youtube
    picture picture picture picture picture
    January 18 2017

  • Vihuela / baroque guitar made by one of the best luthiers - Jaume Bosser in Catalonia, Spain - september 2014.
    It's a lovely instrument, very good condition - no defects etc. great for beginner and student level - great for vihuela, but it can be tuned and string as baroque guitar if you do not have enough money to buy both of instruments. I played both without problems. 
    I played this instrument professionally in theatre play and it was really amazing sound. Now I do not play anymore, so that's why I'm going to sell this instrument.
    With good gig bag and BONUS - authentic like copy of Milan "El maestro" published by Sociedad de la vihuela in Madrid. True beauty. 
    Price 1550 euro + shipping from Poland.
    you can ask me any questions.
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    January 12 2017

  • Panormo model Romantic guitar by Bernie Lehmann and Jeff Cole, 2016.
    Copy of the "Fecit" model in the Boston Museum, 1830. Brazilian rosewood and fine grained spruce; fan bracing; beautiful antique look; finished in spirit varnish and beeswax like the original. very open and rich tone and easy to play. Also available in maple. New with coffin case.
    Contact: Bernie Lehmann, 34 Elton St. Rochester, NY, 14607; (585) 902-8663
    picture picture picture picture picture
    December 30 2016

  • 2013 Chad Neal archlute; 67/140, 6+8/7+7; rosewood ribs, after C36. kingham case. $4,750 obo.
    Lute is in NY/NJ
    Contact: Kevin [dot] dixonpayne [at] gmail [dot] com
    picture picture picture picture
    December 23 2016

  • 6 course vihuela by Maurice Ottiger (1993)
    String length 62cm, flamed maple back and sides, very powerful instrument.
    Excellent condition, comes with velvet lined Kingham case.
    4000chf, the instrument is in Geneva, Switzerland
    picture picture picture picture picture
    December 12 2016

  • Romantic guitar by François Brugère, Mirecourt c. 1860
    630mm string length
    954mm total length
    Tuner stamped VR
    The guitar is in very good original condition. Signed under the top by the maker.
    Perfectly playable and great sounding instrument.
    Asking price: 3600 EUR, included a fitted case. The guitar is located in Hannover/Germany.
    Contact: Ulrich Wedemeier,
    picture picture
    December 1 2016

  • 8 course renaissance lute by Mark Butler, 1983, 65.6 cm.
    Light construction. Reconditioned by David Brown in 2014. Yew ribs back, ebony neck. Excellent condition. Very nice lute with great sound, projection, and playability. Tuned in g 415. New frets and new Nylgut strings.
    $3,500 Includes Kingham case.
    Located near Philadelphia, USA.
    Selling because I’m playing baroque lute and not playing it.
    Contact John email:
    picture picture picture picture
    November 26 2016

  • 13 Course Baroque Lute 2014 by Anatoli Gundilowicz 69/95cm
    spruce top
    fretboard ebony
    neck ebony veneer
    body - flame maple
    pyramid strings
    new condition. 2 years of stable stock at my studio under strings pressure and right humidity conditions.
    Lute comes with backpack case and M. Israel Baroque Lute Method book in English
    I can sell thru my own 100% positive feedback ebay and reverb accounts.
    I have experience in packaging and selling instruments to USA and Europe
    picture picture picture picture
    November 15 2016

  • 8 Course Renaissance Lute 2014 by Kenneth Wryn, based on Hieber
    Like New condition
    Fitted Kenneth Wryn deluxe custom hard case included
    String length 590mm, width at nut 69mm, neck thickness at nut ~21mm, neck/body joint 25mm
    17 Rosewood ribs 40+ years aged with African Blackwood spacers
    Spruce soundboard from Bob Lundberg ~1990 – 1992
    African Blackwood fingerboard/neck veneer/peg box
    French Polish bowl and peg box, oil on neck
    Strung with Pyramid rectified nylon – silk/brass overspun
    Extra unopened set of Pyramid strings – silver
    LOXX strap locks – can accommodate wooden buttons
    $4200 plus shipping
    Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
    Contact: +1 323 533 0328 –
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    November 6 2016

  • magificent 7-course vihuela by Julio Castanoes (2005)
    very light and responsive instrument with a great sound by one of the best vihuela makers.
    Tuned in A (a=415 Hz). String length 56 cm.
    Pictures on request.
    Price including case: 2700 EUR
    The instrument is in the south of Germany:
    June 25 2015 updated
    November 4 2016

  • 14-course Sellas archlute (liuto attiorbato) by Jason Petty
    Based the Matteo Sellas of 1630, this archlute of 61 cm (91cm diapasons). The back is constructed of 15 alternating ribs of zircote and holly. The neck and pegbox are fully veneered in ebony. Rosewood tuning pegs and strung in Savarez carbon nylon and Pyramid silver overwound strings and tuned in G (440). Near mint condition, great playability, settled in and low action. Currently in Australia but can brought to US/Canada in early December at no extra charge. $7200 USD (fitted Kingham case included).
    email: instrumentorium(at)
    November 3 2016

  • 1830s Lacote guitar built by me--Sterling Price-- in the workshop of Michael Thames, who signed underneath the soundboard.
    63cm string length. This guitar sounds amazing. There is a scratch on the soundboard and part of the ebony binding has a gap. There are engraved ivory panels (made from ivory piano keys). The perfectly working tuning pegs are made of very white holly. Maple back and sides and of course a nice spruce soundboard. String action is superb. I love this guitar and I'm only selling out of need.
    price: $1900
    located in Salt Lake City, Utah
    picture picture picture picture
    November 1 2016

  • 11 Course Archlute (2015)
    13 Pear Ribs with Ebony spacers; AAA Spruce belly; Plays very nicely with sweet, bright tones; New Pyramid string; New gut frets.
    Top quality hard shell custom case included.
    picture picture picture picture picture
    October 31 2016

  • John Rollins 8 course lute for sale 2500€ - 1991 - with Kingham case
    Yew back, had a crack (see picts) but is now professionnaly repaired and the back is newly varnished.
    60 cm string length
    Very fine instrument and nicely sounding.
    Link to Video
    Link to Photos
    Lute is now in France (Poitiers-Niort)
    Contact : Valéry Sauvage
    October 25 2016

  • 10-course lute Built in 1997 by Claude Guibord.
    Beautiful sounding lute in excellent conditions.
    Comes with a Kingham case.
    Located in Montreal, Canada
    Price: 3000 dollars
    Contact: (1(514) 778-8182)
    October 18 2016

  • Romantic guitar after “Panormo Fecit” 1828 model made by the luthier Scot Tremblay in 2014.
    This guitar is a real gem.
    It was made after a peculiar historic fan braced “Panormo Fecit” model, just like the larger “in the Spanish style” model. So it is a very unique combination between the two models. It carries the warmer Spanish sound alongside the bright long distance projection of the French style.
    Including good hard case.
    In excellent condition (both the case and the instrument).
    You can hear and see it here:
    Price (instrument + good hard case): 3300 dollars (not include shipping)
    Located in Israel.
    For more information and photos please contact:
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    October 12 2016

  • 10-course lute after Venere (65cm) by Stephen Murphy.
    Selling this because of a new vihuela. At the moment in Helsinki, but I can also bring it to anywhere in Germany.
    Asking: 4900€ incl. kingham-case
    00 358 50 5454483
    picture picture
    October 9 2016

  • six course lute , inspired by Frei. Curly ash body, neck/fingerboard in spanish black walnut.
    Stringlength 61cm. Built in 2016 and visible in Almeria (Spain) with soft case
    Price: 2400€ Including VAT.
    Contact: Phone: 0034 629012929
    October 2 2016

  • Seven course lute, 60cm string length. The lute was made by an English maker living in Adelaide.
    The instrument is fantastic. It is at a concert standard and would suit any professional player. The lute needs new strings and it has a home made strong case but would need a more sucure one if traveling.
    I'm selling it for $2,500 even though its worth a lot more than that.
    email:, for photos etc.
    September 22 2016

  • 6 course Vihuela da mano by Lourdes Uncilla Vilela (2006)
    extremely light and quick, with good projection and very comfortable to play.
    String length 60 cm.
    Maple back and sides, spruce top and ebony fingerboard
    Wonderful mother of pearl inlays on the front and back
    and comes with a Manzano made to mesure hard case.
    Very little played and is in top condition.
    Price (with case): 3500 EUR
    The instrument is currently in Lyon
    For more info and pictures please contact
    Ulrik Gaston Larsen :
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    September 17 2016

  • Theorbo by Anatoli Gundilowicz 2016 76 / 151cm
    in perfect condition, please feel free to ask about more information.
    Anna Kowalska & Anton Birula
    +48 607727346
    picture picture picture
    September 14 2016

  • 11 course baroque lute by Anatoli Gundilowicz 2016 69cm
    in perfect condition, please feel free to ask about more information.
    Anna Kowalska & Anton Birula
    +48 607727346
    picture picture picture picture
    September 14 2016

  • Baroque Guitar after Choco by Stephen Barber and Sandi Harris
    Beautiful sound and condition. (2001) 640mm String length. I believe it is the exact one that is pictured on the Barber and Harris web site. Includes custom fit Kingham case. More high resolution pictures available here:
    In Los Angeles, CA
    Contact: jyoshida04(at)
    picture picture picture picture picture picture
    September 13 2016

  • 14c Theorbo 79/141cm made by Pascal Goldschmidt in S. Casciano, Firenze, Italy, 1992.
    29 ribs of yew, with neck and fingerboard inlays. Functional plywood case. At 79cm, a perfect size for anyone looking to transfer from Ren. lute to theorbo.
    This was my concert theorbo for years and is currently tuned in G. Powerful projection and capable of a wide range of tonality. Definitely an instrument suitable for a busy and varied concert schedule. Comes with a couple scuff marks expected in an instrument with a lot of stage time.
    6200 US Dollars obo. Instrument is in New Hampshire, and I'll be willing to meet you anywhere within a reasonable drive. Shipping is possible, but I'm hesitant to do it, and shipping would be extra cost
    Contact: Scott Lemire,
    picture picture picture
    September 10 2016

  • Romantic 10-string guitar, no label, branded ‘Sonora’
    An instrument that has almost no collector value, as it has been extensively restored (by San Francisco luthier Mel Wong) and has no label. Its value is in the playability and sound. Played in numerous concerts and recordings. It has a new fingerboard and modern frets, but everything else is original, including the tuners (except those on the treble side for strings 1-3, which have been replaced by those of the same era at some point), which still work perfectly. Most of the restoration work was in straightening the warped neck and replacing the fingerboard to make it playable again. 65cm scale.
    Good clarity with a lot of resonance and rich bass. Very easy to play. Comes with a converted hardshell 12-string guitar case. I’ll throw in a spare set of La Bella 10-string set. It could be heard here:
    Asking US$2300 plus shipping. The instrument is located in Portland, Oregon, USA.
    hidekiyamaya at yahoo dot com
    picture picture picture picture picture
    September 2 2016

  • Andrea Berr (1699), 11 course, 65cm string length baroque lute.
    Made by Barber & Harris (2007). Close to excellent condition
    (3 peg nodules missing).
    Full details can be accessed via luthier’s website,
    Kingham case included.
    AUD $5000, plus shipping.
    (Melbourne, Australia).
    picture picture picture picture picture
    September 1 2016

  • 8 course lute by Peter Roberts (Australian-made) built in 2000 with custom built Kingham case.
    Spruce top walnut back and sides.
    Will consider trades for plucked instruments.
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    August 28 2016

  • Larson Baroque Guitar, 2012 Sellas model,
    Back and sides: Rosewood with pear spacers
    Top Italian spruce
    Head: mahogany with ebony face plate
    Ebony fingerboard, with points
    Mechanical pegs for baroque guitar
    End button: Rosewood
    Bone nut
    Maple bridge with ebony top plate
    Ebony bridge decorations
    Ebony front edge half binding
    Kingham MTM case
    Albany, NY, USA
    $5000 USD + shipping and insurance.
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    August 2 2016

  • Early Renaissance Lute in G made by me.
    Top Swiss Pine, ribs and neck Mahogany (not S. American)
    you can see this lute being played on youtube - but I'm a novice player so I've twanged a bit 'coz I'm used to guitars.
    Mick Heayes, Verwood, Dorset, England
    £350, contact me on or 07975 533603
    July 25 2016

  • Renaissance Lute (ARIA/Yamaha lutier circa 1975) Great condition, 7 Course - $850 or best offer
    For sale by owner. Gut strings, gut frets attached (these have seen some wear), excellent case worth 200 on its own, hard shell, latches), and will throw in a Poulton tutor on renaissance lute technique.
    Responses please to Jonah,
    July 25 2016

  • New 6 course Renaissance lute based on Hieber,
    string length 59.7cm strung in NNG and a Gut 6crs, width at nut 3.8cm, width at bridge 7.7cm, cherry wood ribs, maple neck and pegbox with pear and box wood heart shaped pegs, fine golden rose, pearwood bridge with stars carved on top, bog oak fingerboard.
    Case by somerset cases, semi hard case fabric covering.
    Located in Derby UK
    Price: £ 1593 inc case.
    Contact jamarriage (at)
    picture picture picture picture picture picture
    June 26 2016

  • New 13 course Baroque Lute after Hoffman @ 68cm. Strung in New Nygut and Savarez. Walnut Ribs.
    Currently with Luthier.
    $4500 obo plus shipping. Will ship worldwide with some exceptions.
    James 408-910-7783
    picture picture picture picture picture
    June 13 2016

  • Dan Larson Heiber 6 course lute with a Kingham case:
    $3,800. Open to trades.
    Contact Steven Stein at or 415-647-4940.
    picture picture picture
    June 10 2016

  • 13 course baroque lute by Ivo Magherini (Rome, 1989)
    String length 68cm/73,5cm, 11 ribs in rosewood, new set of Nylgut/Type D strings.
    Price: 4000eur with hardshell case
    The instrument is located in Geneva, Switzerland
    June 5 2016

  • 14c baroque lute (swan neck type) by German luthier Matthias Wagner in 1995.
    String lengths 76/106cm, great instrument for late baroque area e.g. Bach, Falkenhagen etc. Nylgut stringing, 415 Hz
    Price including case: 3.150 EUR
    Lute can be seen and tried in Germany (Cologne or Stuttgart area)
    Interested? For more information and prictures please contact me:
    picture picture picture picture
    May 27 2016

  • 6c ranaissance lute by Grant Tomlinson, 2006
    59,5 cm, nylgut stringing, excellent playability
    4000 Euro incl. case
    for more information and pictures:
    Grant Tomlinson Lutemaker, 6 course lutes
    May 15 2016

  • 6 course Vihuela de mano in G by Sebastian Nunez with vaulted back and inlaid soundboard.
    Built in 2013 and with plush lined hard case. String length 57.5 cm, currently at A 440, carbon and wound strings. Instrument as new. Price 2,200 GBP sterling. This is a fine instrument in very good condition. Photos available.
    Contact Tony Scheuregger, Norwich, UK.
    Tel 00 44 1603 454402 and 00 44 7786 057484
    May 13 2016

  • I would like to offer this highly decorative Hopkins baroque guitar for 3250
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    May 8 2016

  • 6 course lute in G after Gerle by Martin Shepherd.
    Built in April 2001 and with velvet lined Kingham case. String length 60cm, currently at A 440, nylgut strings and new frets. Price 2,900 GBP sterling. This is a fine instrument in very good condition. Photos available.
    Contact Tony Scheuregger, Norwich, UK,
    tel 00 44 1603 454402 and 00 44 7786 057484.
    May 7 2016

  • 10-course lute by Lawrence D. Brown, 2013.
    Bowl is 30-year-old maple. Soundboard German spruce. 25 inch string length. Wide body is comfortable and gives a sonorous, oud-like sound in the bass and midrange. Currently strung at 415 in nylgut, copper, and KF. Cambered fingerboard allows for thick frets along the neck. Built-in K&K contact mic.
    $5000 includes hard Kingham case and K&K Pure Preamp.
    The instrument is located in Indiana, USA.
    Contact Taylor di Clemente at
    picture picture picture picture picture
    November 29 2014
    May 3 2016
    February 27 2017

  • 8 Course Renaissance Lute 1995 built by Kenneth Wryn
    9 Yew ribs with ebony spacers; String Length 60.3cm
    Ebony fingerboard.
    Excellent condition. Recently rebuilt
    Deluxe custom hard case included
    $2600 OBO US
    picture picture picture picture picture
    May 3 2016

  • Lute Books
    Kasumi is selling a collection of lute and music books
    April 29 2016

  • 13 course baroque lute (string length over fingerboard=70 cm), 14 course baroque lute (string length over fingerboard=70 cm) and 14 course chitarrone (93/168 cm) by Tihamer Romanek.
    All three are new instruments, in mint condition held in the workshop since they were made.
    Prices: EU 3600, 4800, 5800 respectively (+ case <if needed to have it made here in Hungary> + cost of shipping - personal delivery relatively close to Hungary is also an option).
    You can see photos, read more details and hear the sound of one of them at .
    Please contact: Gabor Domjan at
    April 28 2016

  • 10-course late renaissance lute by Anthony G. Murray, made in 1973 in San Francisco.
    65-cm string length, double-strung on lower 9 courses, single treble set in G. Spruce top, flame maple back, knot-of-Leonardo rosette carved from pine. Like-new condition. Includes hard case made by A.G.Murray.
    $3000 firm.
    Will deliver in Eastern USA.
    Spare strings and fret gut included.
    Location: Newport News, Virginia USA
    picture picture picture picture
    April 6 2016

  • 14-course 2008 Baroque Lute - German Theorbe by violin/lute luthier Zoran Fainovic
    Custom made Baroque Lute, crafted specifically for me when I was playing the lute regularly.
    Top: Hand selected Bosnian Spruce
    Back and rest: Fine maple
    Details, pins and ornaments: Plum tree wood
    Natural authentic glue
    The lute is in perfect condition. It's unique and the only one of it's kind by look and construction, thanks to careful combinations and architecture calculations and examinations, along with x-ray scans of constructions, of a wide range of instruments(lutes, baroque guitars, violins, viola da gambas...) Crafted with a combination of the finest quality Bosnian spruce, maple and plum wood which, along side with ornaments and engravings gives the instrument it's beauty,uniqueness and warmness in sound. Handmade, with the authentic methods used in the baroque era. Suitable for both a wide range of baroque theorbe/arch lute repertoire.
    Comes with a soft custom case made for it's dimensions.
    Location: Novi Sad 21000; Serbia
    Price: 5500 €
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    April 4 2016

  • Early romantic guitar made by James Buckland (2002).
    Copy of Gennaro Fabricatore guitar from 1822 in the University of Edinburgh Museum. Maple sides and back, spruce top. Peg-Hed tuning pegs. Comes with a Kingham case.
    Price: 2700 U.S. Dollars. Buyer pays shipping/insurance.
    For more photos and details: tallantthomas (at)
    picture picture picture
    April 3 2016

  • 5-course baroque guitar, built by Stanislav Lysak 2010;
    own original design inspired by Stradivarius ‘’Sabionari’’ guitar.
    Perfect condition.
    Price 1200€.
    Available in Nîmes, FRANCE.
    Contact: +33 78 222 3886.
    picture picture
    March 23 2016

  • 6 course lute by Jacob Van de Geest (1977), after Goffriller
    55,7cm string length (A or G tuning), 9 ribs in flamed maple. Nice little lute in perfect shape, with a surprisingly big and well balanced sound, great volume and projection. Perfect for smaller hands.
    The instrument is located in Geneva, Switzerland.
    Price: 2000eur, including its original light weight hard-shell case.
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    March 19 2016

  • 5 course guittern after Hans Ott (1450) made by Ugo Casalonga (2013)
    String length 40-41cm (currently tuned DAECG) grey poplar monoxyle body, magnificent parchment rose by Elena Dal Cortivo
    The instrument is located in Geneva, Switzerland. Price: 2000chf, including a hard-shell case.
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    March 19 2016

  • 15 course theorbo by Jason Petty (2005) for sale.
    String length 76/152cm, currently tuned in G with double re-entrant 415/440. Can be strung in A upon request. It has an intimate tone and also packs plenty of punch when played near the bridge. $5000 obo. Kingham MTM case included.
    The instrument is located in Bloomington, IN USA. I can be reached at
    picture picture picture picture picture
    March 18 2016

  • 8-course lute by Michael Lowe (1980)
    String length 59 cm. 13
    Custom hard Kingham case (Black).
    Perfect conditions, beautiful, bright and well-defined sound typical of Michael Lowe’s lutes.. Very comfortable to play.
    Asking price: 5300 euros
    The instrument is currently with me in Venice, Italy. I would prefer you come to pick it up. Otherwise i can send for free in Europe at your own risk.
    More info:
    picture picture picture picture picture
    February 22 2016

    7 Course Lute by Anatoli Gundilowicz
    String length 60cm
    Built in 2014
    The instrument is in perfect condition.
    Hard plywood case + soft warm bag included
    1400 EUR
    Located in St.Peterburg, Russia
    (I can deliver on occasion personally to Estonia, Latvia or Finnland, otherwise to be shipped by post on buyer's account)
    picture picture picture
    February 7 2016

  • An 1849 Louis Panormo guitar restored in my workshop in 2015 is now being offered for sale at £4250
    Information and photos of the guitar are at:
    Full details of the restoration are at 1849c.html
    Contact Arthur Robb on 0044 1666-822945 or
    February 2 2016

  • 2007 Demian Reolid Romantic guitar after an 1833 Gennaro Fabricatore instrument.
    Perfect condition, only owner, spruce top, maple back and sides, 650mm scale length.
    Extremely comfortable, great projection and typical italian sound.
    The instrument is located in Madrid, Spain.
    Price (including case, excluding shipping): 1500 €
    Contact: gonzalo1004es(at)
    picture picture picture picture
    January 28 2016

    An original 19th century guitar, including a label by a Pupil of Lacote c1820 for sale
    stamped: 'Marotel' on the neck-block. Nicolas Marotel, Paris c. 1820. With a handwritten label which reads: Legros, luthier, ex ouvrier de Mr Lacote de Paris (trans: Legros luthier, former worker of Mr Lacote of Paris) Select maple back and sides, with hazelfichte figured spruce soundboard - stunning looker. converted by Legros De La Neuville around 1820s from wooden tuning pegs to tuning machines. Vannes says that Legros invented mechanical tuners. No case. Condition: fully restored, plays and sounds beautifully, equipped with gut strings. typically of guitars of this age, the back had shrunk a little and someone has made up the width by adding a little more maple around the edges (see photos). 1inch repaired crack to bottom bout (slightly pushed in), centre-seam had opened at one time, but now repaired. beautiful violin-like original finish to back and sides. This guitar would suit a serious (professional) player, preferably for non nail-players , due to the low action (because of no raised fingerboard).
    String length 640mm, back length 448, widest part of the body 296, nut width 45, string height at the 12th fret 3.25 (6st string) and 3.00 (1st string).
    A museum piece which is totally playable
    Just to be Clear: it was made by Nicolas Marotel, and later was converted from wooden tuning pegs to mechanical tuners, almost definitely by a pupil of Lacote called Legros De La Neuville, at this time Legros added his handwritten label.
    1,950 English pounds
    Dr James Westbrook
    The University of Cambridge &
    The Guitar Museum, Brighton
    Telephone: 07836 550210 (int.: +44 7836 550210)
    picture picture picture picture picture picture
    January 3 2016

  • I am selling a brand new Kingham case for a 10/11 course lute. It was built in 2015 for a 'small Frei' 11 course lute, 66cm playing string length.
    The case has black leather on the outside and red plush on the inside. Comes with the original key and shoulder strap.
    The case is located in Vancouver, Canada.
    Asking price: $ 850 CAD, or other reasonable offers.
    Konstantin R. Bozhinov
    December 13 2015

  • 5 course Medieval lute c.1470, with gut strings in g’ at 440Hz, 52.5cm string length by JM Instruments 2010.
    English Yew back, pear wood neck, peg box and pegs, parchment rose with pear wood, alpine spruce soundboard with sycamore edging, double fretting. String width at nut 3.3cm, 7.8cm at bridge. Made in 2010, barely played, can be heard on the jamarriage channel on you tube. Repair to one hairline crack damage on left hand side, so discounted to £ 1683,
    case included as seen.
    Located in London Early Music Shop
    picture picture picture picture
    December 6 2015

  • Theorbo by Timo Kontio made in 2004.
    Very good theorbo for the price, but little bit too big for me. It is currently in Helsinki, but from around 14.12 in Berlin. I can also bring it almost anywhere in Germany. Asking: 3400€ (it needs some new frets and some strings). More pictures on request.
    picture picture picture
    November 29 2015

  • Excellent condition 10 course custom (2012) by Marco Salerno lute for sale
    Excellent condition lute with 24 inch string length. You will not find another lute that looks and sounds like this
    price: $2800
    Photo on request.
    St.Petersburg, FL U.S
    November 29 2015

  • An 8-course renaissance lute by Filippo Lesca (made in Verona in 2004) Case included.
    It was used in 2012 to get into a music university (Sibeliusacatemy) after which I built my own renaissance lute and now wish to sell this one.
    A new nut was made by Eero Palviainen to widen the gaps between the strings.
    Asking for 1500 EUR.
    Can be tested in Finland.
    Also, depending on the time etc., I can bring it to central places in Europe without extra cost (if it is bought)
    For questions, contact:
    Aaro Haavisto
    picture picture picture
    November 23 2015

  • 14 course lute, made by William Daum , signed inside 1968, beautiful instrument in excellent condition, good sound.
    One owner who is no longer able to play.
    4,500 US dollars – reasonable offers considered.
    Located Minneapolis Minnesota United States
    Includes original case, sturdy, intact, some wear, latches functional, lock broken.
    Contact for information and more pictures
    November 20 2015

  • I am selling my Brian Cohen 10-course lute, built in 1981, string length 65 cms.
    I stopped my professional career as a lutenist in 1984, and since then, I haven’t really had time for exploring the niche repertoire it was built for, which was French music from the period roughly between 1610 and 1640 plus a bit of Robert Johnson and Huygens. So it’s a surplus instrument, played too little for what it’s worth, and in very good condition. Both the rosette and the pegbox are finely carved.
    Asking price 4,000 EUR.
    Will sell preferably within Northern Europe, including UK. Located in Denmark, near Copenhagen.
    Contact Henrik Ertner Rasmussen, e-mail
    picture picture
    November 2 2015

  • New romantic guitar - by Gy. LORINCZI
    -- 61 cm string lengh, Lacote model, shellac finish
    -- for 1200 euros shipping included. No case.
    picture picture picture
    October 28 2015

  • anharmonic parlor guitar
    This is a German Falcon anharmonic parlor guitar. Similar to an instrument lacote devised in the early 19th century this guitar is in just intonation. German is one of the best known makers in Peru. Experience the harmony of pure 3rds. Listing as: 1500 dollars
    picture picture picture
    October 23 2015

  • New 7 course lute in G with bowl after Gerle by Adrian Dodd (2015):
    60cm string length. Bowl is in rippled sycamore finished with coloured oil varnish. Soundboard is alpine spruce. Neck and peg-box are walnut. Fingerboard and points are ebony. Pegs and bridge are blackened plum. The rose is a close reconstruction of one depicted in a painting of a lady with lute and parrot attributed to The Master of the 1540's. Strung with Nylgut and Aquila basses. Fitted Kingham MTM hard case is included. £2350.
    For pictures and details see:
    September 17 2015

  • New 11 course lute with bowl after Frei C34 by Adrian Dodd (2015):
    D-minor with a'=415hz. 68cm string length. Eleven ribs of rippled sycamore finished with coloured oil varnish. Soundboard is Alpine spruce. The neck and peg box are walnut and the bridge is plum. Blackened plum pegs. Ebony fingerboard and points. Strung with Nylgut with Aquila bases. Fitted Kingham MTM hard case included. £2950.
    For pictures and details see:
    September 17 2015

  • For sale, a new Arthur Robb 8 course lute, 600mm string length, tuned to g and strung with Kürschner strings.
    The 13 rib body is figured sycamore, the fingerboard and soundboard edging are Indian rosewood, the bridge plum and the pegs pear. The soundboard is Swiss pine (picea abies). Cost, including a new blue Kingham (made to measure case) is £3500.
    Photos and full details are at
    Contact details - email:, phone: 0044 (0)1666 822945
    August 27 2015

  • 7 course renaissance lute made by Ian Harwood and John Isaacs 1972
    Parting with an old companion.
    I bought this lute in the mid 1970’s from a consignment music store in Durham, NC. It is a one of a kind 7 course renaissance lute made by Ian Harwood and John Isaacs and the label says “Made for the Harpsichord Centre 1972.” Soundboard 23 cm, string length 68cm, width of neck 7.5 cm, 9 ribs.
    This is a gorgeous renaissance lute faithful to old construction; Harwood and Isaacs, at least from what I could research back in those pre internet days, spent a good deal of time examining and allegedly x-raying old lutes in Britain to understand the interiors and bracing better. You can probably buy a cheaper lute but you cannot buy more unique one. This is in excellent shape; there’s just a little discoloration next to the sound hole where a friend who was a concert guitarist rested his fingernails during the years I loaned it to him. So this lute has live concert chops! Light as a feather.
    I have rarely played it.
    Gut/nylon frets, wooden sound pegs, case.
    Maine, USA. 207-233-7560
    picture picture picture picture picture picture
    August 20 2015

  • 8c renaissance lute by Martin Haycock, Chichester 2010,
    59,5cm, 13 rib, red yew-wood back
    4600 euros with Kingham case.
    contact Hugh Sandilands, 0049 7624 983 3390(Germany),
    August 3 2015
    May 3 2016

  • Michael Lowe archlute for sale
    It has a wonderful sound and has very pleasant action. It is in very good shape after it was rebuilt by Michael Lowe 6 years ago, after an accident when the lower neck broke. He made a new lower neck, fit it and reattached the upper neck; he also re-varnished the back of the body. String length : 69 / 140 cm. The lute is now in Brazil (Curitiba), but it can be taken to Europe and tried out in France or Germany after August 2015.
    Case included.
    For more information please contact me at:
    Price £6,700
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    July 3 2015

  • 8 course lute for sale, built by Paul Thomson (Bristol) in 1992
    Back in maple, spruce top, ebony fingerboard.
    An extraordinary instrument, similar to the one Paul O'Dette has been using.
    Very good condition. Only the varnish on the back shows that the instrument has been used.
    Price (with Kingham case): 8000 euros.
    The instrument can be seen in Spain
    Contact: Alejandro Sosa
    June 29 2015

  • 6crs Romantic Guitar after Panormo
    Made by Zachary Taylor 2011.
    Great condition, I'm only selling in order to buy a new lute.
    String Length:60cm
    Price: £ 600
    More details and photos -
    picture picture
    June 23 2015

  • 10-course lute by Stephen Barber & Sandi Harris (2001)
    String length 63.4cm. 13 ribs of stunning curly maple.
    Custom hard Kingham case (grey).
    Good condition and terrific sound. The tiny bone pip of one peg is missing
    (a replacement can probably be gotten from the makers), and there is one tiny soundboard nick.
    The lute was worked on summer 2014 by Travis Carey (fingerboard leveling, new frets, new nut, minor rib crack repaired, peg job) and is very comfortable to play.
    Asking price: $5,000 USD (plus shipping expenses). Current price for the same instrument is at least 4400 GBP (about $7000 USD, not including case)
    I've enjoyed playing this instrument very much for many years.
    More info: lucasharris[at]
    picture picture picture picture
    June 22 2015
    May 3 2016

  • Theorbo hard case for sale, made by RCH Cases.
    The case is made for biggest sized theorbos of about 89-93 cm / 170 cm. It is almost new, I am selling it because I have another case for my instrument and I need some more space in home.
    Asking price: 200 €.
    For question please contact: yavorusmagnus[at]
    picture picture picture
    March 16 2015
    May 4 2016

  • 6 course "romantic guitar" made by "Marchal à Paris" circa 1790.
    The price is 6000 euros, including a fitted case.
    The instrument is located in France.
    Contact :
    Phone : 00 33 256 10 51 10 or 00 33 686 26 13 87
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    February 15 2015
    May 3 2016

  • The Paris (Guadalupe) Vihuela by Raphael Wiesman
    The Paris (Guadalupe) Vihuela, dating to c.1500 Spain, is the oldest known extant Vihuela, the predecessor of the guitar from Renaissance Spain.
    I am searching for the right museum to become home to my reproduction. The original is in the Museé Jacquemart Andre in Paris, where in 1973 I examined it, took photographs and made full scale drawings of the instrument and then built a reproduction in London.
    I would be grateful if you could help me by taking a moment to view the web page showing my replica. I am looking for a museum (or collector) to purchase and exhibit my replica and all the display elements that accompany it. Full details and links are included on the web page. Here is the link:
    Also attached below is a photo taken shortly after its construction in 1974 in London. I would very much appreciate if you could direct this email to the most appropriate person to view the vihuela. I can be reached at 575 770 1228 or by email at Thank you.
    August 13 2014
    May 3 2016

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