Xia Zhou

I design network systems to handle the volume and unpredictable nature of today's data traffic. Driven by models and measurements, my work designs dynamic spectrum auction systems to support dynamic traffic demands in wireless networks, and a new wireless primitive to address dynamic traffic hotspots in data centers.

I am an Assistant Professor in Computer Science Department at Dartmouth College. I co-direct the DartNets (Dartmouth Networking and Ubiquitous Systems) Lab with Prof. Andrew T. Campbell. I am looking for motivated students on networking systems and algorithms. Please email me with your CV if you are interested in working with me.

I received my PhD in Computer Science at UC Santa Barbara in 2013. I worked under the supervision of Prof. Heather Zheng.

Select publications:
Practical Conflict Graphs for Dynamic Spectrum Distribution
best practical paper award
X. Zhou, Z. Zhang, G. Wang, X. Yu, B. Zhao, and H. Zheng
SIGMETRICS 2013. [PDF] [Slides]
Mirror Mirror on the Ceiling: Flexible Wireless Links for Data Centers
X. Zhou, Z. Zhang, Y. Zhu, Y. Li, S. Kumar, A. Vahdat, B. Zhao, and H. Zheng
SIGCOMM 2012. [PDF] [Slides]
I Am the Antenna: Accurate Outdoor AP Location Using Smartphones
Z. Zhang, X. Zhou, W. Zhang, Y. Zhang, G. Wang, B. Zhao, and H. Zheng
MobiCom 2011. [PDF] [Slides]
On the Stability and Optimality of Universal Swarms
X. Zhou, S. Ioannidis, and L. Massoulié
SIGMETRICS 2011. [PDF] [Slides]
eBay in the Sky: Strategy-Proof Wireless Spectrum Auctions
finalist for best paper award
X. Zhou, S. Gandhi, S. Suri, and H. Zheng
MobiCom 2008. [PDF] [Slides]