From Nov 25 to Dec 5, 2001, we visited my cousins John and Mary Bartholomew in Ho, Ghana. They were living in a guest house of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. John was consulting on church matters and teaching at the seminary at Peki; Mary taught in a girls secondary school and at the seminary. They had a wide circle of friends and acquaintances, developed over 15 years, and use of a car. We couldn't have had better tour guides.

A series of email newsletters from John and Mary had led us to take the plunge and see this wonderfully different life. We were not disappointed. The region we saw was populous, but not urbanized -- quite distinct from Accra, the capital megalopolis, and remote from its insecurity. Copies of three newsletters that we wrote are available on request.

Some day I'll get around to making thumbnails of the photos listed below; they range from 60 to 140KB in size.

School children after the AIDS march

Pounding fufu for dinner

Ladies' bible study class parades to Sunday offering

Market day in Ho

Making a mortise at the furniture factory


Peki choir sings four parts with percussion

Canoe sails on the Volta

A modest load on the tro-tro