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Orienteering Introduction

Now and then, the Hanover Conservation Council has asked me to prepare an "introduction to orienteering" session, using the new Storrs Pond O-map.

Here are the materials I used for the last one, in November 2004. We've long since taken the control flags down, but the locations may still be marked with a short piece of blue surveyor's tape, if you're lucky.

Note that control #42 can be a bit tricky---use caution!

Orienteering Maps

Over the years, Dartmouth has made orienteering maps of a few regions in the area. Brian Kunz of the Office of Outdoor Programs kindly lent me a stack of floppies, and I'm gradually working on extracting workable data from them. Below is what I have so far.

Storrs Pond

I've worked a bit with a paper copy of a 1:10000 version of this map. Be warned: since the map was made, the've built a few more ski trails throughout (see link below), and done a bit of logging on the eastern end.

The Old Aqueduct System

Hanover Trails

Doug McIlroy has been working with re-surveying Hanover-area trails. Here is the latest official data.

Historic USGS Maps

UNH has old USGS maps online, if you're interested in the way things used to be.

Oak Hill XC Trails

here is the Silver Fox Ski Touring Center's map of the Oak Hill/Storrs Pond ski trails.

You may also find some elevation profiles here

Upper Valley MTB Trails

The Vermont Mountain Biking Association has compiled an amazing free map of the trails and old roads in the Vermont side of the Upper Valley region.

The VMBA map site

Locally cached copies (for Dartmouth use only):


I find that the regional loop at Intellicast is a good way to time my bike rides so I don't get caught in a storm.

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