It is my honor and fortnue to have opportunities conducting my research with a group of inspiring Dartmouth students and researchers.

Jinyuan Liu (Ph.D. in CS)

Mengdi Wang (Ph.D. in CS)

Fan Feng (Ph.D. in CS)

Yitong Deng (M.S. in CS)

Duowen Chen (Ph.D. in CS)

Yuchen Sun (Ph.D. in CS)

Diyang Zhang (M.S. in Digital Arts)

Ziqian Wu (Ph.D. in Engineering, co-advised with Prof. John X.J. Zhang)

Sebastian Saker (CS Undergrad 23', thesis research)

Wendell Wu (CS Undergrad 23', thesis research)

Benjamin W. Newhall (CS Undergrad 23', thesis research)

Eric Gibson (CS Undergrad 23', thesis research)

Annie Tang (CS Undergrad 25', UGAR intern)

Ashley Goh (CS Undergrad 26', WISP intern)

Lydia Jin (CS Undergrad 26', WISP intern)

Alumni (Thesis Research)

Daniel M. DiPietro (CS Undergrad 22')

- 2021 Neukom Undergraduate Research Prize Winner

- 2021 CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Finalist

- High Honor Thesis: Symplectically Integrated Symbolic Regression of Hamiltonian Dynamical Systems

Yunjin Tong (CS Undergrad 22', WISP and Presidential Scholar)

- 2021 Francis L. Town Scientific Prize

- 2022 CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Honorable Mention

Hanna.A.Kidanemariam (CS Undergrad 22', co-advised with Prof. James Whitefield)

- Thesis: A Quantum Key Distribution Protocol

Eammon Littler (M.S. in Digital Arts 22', co-advised with Prof. Wojciech Jarosz)

- MSDA Thesis: Automated Filament Inking for Multi-color FFF 3D Printing

Shuqi Yang (M.S. in Digital Arts 21'), GAMES Speaker, Next stop: Facebook

- 2021 Neukom Graduate Research Prize Winner

- MSDA Thesis: Learning and Simulation Algorithms for Constraint Physical Systems

Yaorui Zhang (M.S. in Digital Arts 21'), Next stop: Tiktok

- MSDA Thesis: Design, Modeling, and Control of Soft Dynamic Systems

Xiangxin Kong (M.S. in Digital Arts 21'), Next stop: Amazon

- MSDA Thesis: Fluid Simulation and Visualization Algorithms on a Dynamic Point-Set Surface

Ziyue Liu (M.S. in Digital Arts 21'), Next stop: Facebook

- MSDA Thesis: Computational Methods with Differentiable Voronoi Diagrams

Zangyueyang Xian (M.S. in CS 21'), Next stop: Taichi Graphics

Aditya H. Prasad (CS Undergrad 21'), 2021 Undergrad Made-At-Dartmouth (MAD) Research Winner, , Next stop: Microsoft

- High-Honor Thesis: Physically Based Rendering Techniques to Visualize Thin-Film SPH Fluid Simulations

Winston Wang (CS Undergrad 21'), Next step: Withheld Financial Institution

- Honor Thesis: Building High-Performance GPU Solvers for Domain-Specific Applications

Evan Z. Muscatel (CS Undergrad 21'), Next stop: BCG

- Honor Thesis: Impulse Method for Shallow Water Simulation

Soren Thompson (CS Undergrad 20')

- High-Honor Thesis: Fluid Surface Tracking Particles

Penny Liu (CS Undergrad 20'), Next stop: Princeton CS M.S.

- Honor Thesis: Fluid Inspired Neural Network PDE Solver

Alumni (Research Associates, Assistants, and Interns)

Shiying Xiong (Postdoc), Next stop: Assistant Professor at Zhejiang University

Zhecheng Wang (Research intern from UT Austin), Next stop: Ph.D. student at UofT

Jeff Liu (CS Undergrad 23', Presidential Scholar)

Annie Qiu (CS Undergrad 24', WISP 2020)

Lindsey Kim (CS Undergrad 24', WISP 2020)

William Toth (CS Undergrad 23', UGAR 2020)

Helen Cao (CS Undergrad 22', WISP and Presidential Scholar, UGAR Conference Travel Awardee)

Tanli Su (CS Undergrad 22', Presidential Scholar 2020)

Maria Bolanos (CS Undergrad 22', Presidential Scholar 2020)

Tahmina Hasan (CS Undergrad 22' WISP)

Michelle Chen (CS Undergrad 22', WISP 2019)

Eitan E. Vilker (CS Undergrad 21, UGAR 2020), Next stop: Dartmouth Graduate School

Chun Lun Lit (CS Undergrad 21', UGAR 2019), Next stop: Dartmouth Graduate School

Shengsong Gao (CS Undergrad 21', Presidential Scholar 2020)

Aadil Islam (CS Undergrad 21', UGAR 2019), Next stop: Dartmouth Graduate School

William A. P. Wolfe-McGuire (ENG Undergrad 21', UGAR 2019), Next stop: AeroVironment

Rui Tao (Visiting Ph.D. from Dalian Maritime University, 2020 Winter - 2021 Winter)

Xingzhe He (Research intern from Rutgers University, 2019 Winter - 2020 Spring), Next stop: UBC CS Ph.D.

Yijun Li (Research intern from Shanghai Jiaotong University, 2019 Summer - 2020 Winter), Next stop: UCLA CS M.S.

Xingyu Ni (Research intern from Peking University, 2019 Summer), Next stop: Peking University CS Ph.D.

Mike Zhang (Research intern from Lawrenceville School, 2019 Summer), Next stop: Stanford Undergrad

Yiming Li (Research intern from Tsinghua University, 2019 Spring), Next stop: Wisconsin-Madison CS Ph.D.

Siqi Wang (Research intern (remote) from Shanghai Jiaotong University, 2018 Fall), Next stop: NYU CS Ph.D.

Yongxu Jin (Research intern (remote) from Shanghai Jiaotong University, 2018 Fall), Next stop: Stanford CS Ph.D.

Prospective students

As a relatively new research group, we actively seek talented graduate students, postdocs, and undergraduate interns to join us working on exciting research problems in computer graphics, machine learning, scientific computing, and computational fluid dynamics.

[Ph.D.] We seek exceptionally qualified Ph.D. students every year. If you have a strong background in one or more areas I have mentioned above, and are fascinated by the problems we are solving, I encourage you to apply to the Dartmouth Computer Science Ph.D. Program. Students in majors of computer science, applied math or physics, or other related areas are all welcome to apply. All admitted Ph.D. students will receive Fellowship or RA funding support during their studies at Dartmouth.

If you consider me as your potential advisor, please do email me or mention your interest in your application. The admission process is competitive. You are expected to exhibit outstanding academic and research performance related to our group's expertise. As a Ph.D. student in our lab, you will receive rigorous and multi-faceted training to develop your scientific research skills -- as a programmer, a maker, a creator, and sometimes, even as an artist or an aestheticist (yes, an excellent "eye" is important for graphics research). I wish you to be curious and contemplative. Keep you fingers on the keyboard, and stick your mind to solving big problems.

[Undergraduate/MSCS/MSDA] We always welcome and support Dartmouth undergraduate and M.S. students who are interested in gaining research experience in our group. If you are currently studying at Dartmouth and feel interested in our research projects, feel free to send me an email. I will be pleased to schedule a face-to-face meeting with you to discuss your interests, plan, possible projects, and the way you work in our group (e.g., research assistant/summer intern/honors thesis). We prize your creativity, contribution, and the authorship of your work highly, and will give you full support for your future success.

[Visitors] Our group has openings for external research interns every year. We encourage applicants with strong motivation, proficient programming skills, and an exceptional background in computer science, mathematics, or physics. Ideally, each internship lasts for 3-6 months. For students who are interested, please get in touch by email with your CV, a brief description of your skills and interests, and your expected intern duration.


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