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Current PhD Students

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Graduated PhD Students

  • Andras Valko, “Design and Analysis of Cellular Mobile Data Networks”, Ericsson Research, 1998.
  • Javier Gomez-Castellanos, “Energy-Efficient Routing and Control Mechanisms for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks”, Professor of Computer Science, National University of Mexico, 2002.
  • Raymond R.-F. Liao, “Dynamic Bandwidth Management for Internet and its Wireless Extensions”, Siemens, 2002.
  • Michael E. Kounavis, “Programming Network Architectures”, Intel, 2003.
  • Andras Veres, “Resource Control and Measurement for Wireless Networks”, Ericsson Research, 2003.
  • Chieh-Yih Wan, “A Resilient Transport System for Sensor Networks”, Intel Research, 2005.
  • Rita H. Wouhaybi, “Algorithms for Reliable Peer-to-Peer Networks”, Intel Research, June 2006.
  • Seoung-Bum Lee, “Adaptive Quality of Service for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks”, Mayflower Communication, 2006.
  • Shane Eisenman, “People-Centric Mobile Sensor Networks”, Harris RF Communications, 2008.
  • Gahng-Seop Ahn, “Funneling MAC”, Intelligent Automation, 2008.
  • John B. Vicente, “Over Mesh: Network-Centric Computing”, Intel, 2010.
  • Nicholas Lane, “Community-guided Mobile Phone Sensing Systems”, with Tanzeem Choudhury, Professor of Computer Science Oxford University, 2011
  • Emiliano Miluzzo, “Smartphone Sensing”, Lion Cave Capital, June 2011.
  • Hong Lu, “Smartphone sensing and inference of human behavior and context”, with Tanzeem Choudhury, Intel, June 2012.
  • Rui Wang, “Mental Health Sensing”, Facebook, September, 2018.

The hidden secret of course is we as faculty learn so much more from our students than they learn from us. And, that's the joy of doing research and being an advisor.


CS 69/169 Applications of Data Science.

DartNets Lab weekly meeting with Professor Xia Zhou

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