An Efficient Denoising Algorithm for Global Illumination

1Stanford University 2Williams College 3Dartmouth College

In Proceedings of High Performance Graphics, 2017

Real-time render with direct light plus two path-traced indirect samples per pixel, and our result denoised in 10 ms.


We propose a hybrid ray-tracing/rasterization strategy for real- time rendering enabled by a fast new denoising method. We factor global illumination into direct light at rasterized primary surfaces and two indirect lighting terms, each estimated with one path- traced sample per pixel. Our factorization enables efficient (biased) reconstruction by denoising light without blurring materials. We demonstrate denoising in under 10 ms per 1280×720 frame, compare results against the leading offline denoising methods, and include a supplement with source code, video, and data.


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Michael Mara, Morgan McGuire, Benedikt Bitterli, Wojciech Jarosz. An Efficient Denoising Algorithm for Global Illumination. Proceedings of High Performance Graphics, July 2017.

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