Weekly Schedule

The tentative weekly schedule is below. Programming assignments will typically be due on Wednesdays, but make sure to check the exact due dates on Canvas. Papers listed for lecture days are to be read by everyone prior to lecture. The names after the papers are the presenter and the discussant respectively.

Week of Tuesday HW due Thursday
0 Sep 14 - - Intro, C++, Images PDF 1 PDF 2 PDF 3
1 Sep 21 Image formation & Camera basics PDF A0: Introductions Turnin
PA0: C++ refresher Basecode & Turnin
Camera basics continued; Basic image processing PDF 1 PDF 2
2 Sep 28 Light + Color PDF PA1: Pinhole camera Turnin Light + Color (continued) PDF
Pinhole camera presentations
3 Oct 5 Sensors & demosaicing PDF PA2: Point processing, color spaces & transformations Basecode & Turnin Noise & denoising PDF
4 Oct 12 Convolution & filtering PDF PA3: Denoising & demosaicing Basecode & Turnin HDR & tone mapping PDF
5 Oct 19 HDR II PDF PA4: Convolution & bilateral filter Basecode & Turnin Warping & morphing PDF
6 Oct 26 Gradient-domain & Optimization-based editing PDF
[Mertens et al. 2009] Novak / Makatura
[Bae et al. 2006] Shanker / Li
PA5: HDR & tone mapping Basecode & Turnin Final project ideas PDF
[Gooch et al. 2005] Oh / Novak
[Agarwala et al. 2004] Wang / Oh
[Levin et al. 2004] Javitt / Tian
7 Nov 2 Final project ideas 2 PDF
[Hertzmann et al. 2001] Makatura / Wu
[Gatys et al. 2015] Tomita / Strizich
PA6: Morphing Basecode & Turnin
Final project proposals Turnin
[Levoy and Hanrahan 1996] Zhang / Drain
[Debevec et al. 2000] Chen / Bolonkin
8 Nov 9 [Petschnigg et al. 2004] Li / Chen
[Yuan et al. 2007] Agarwal / A. Wang
[Fattal 2008] Bolonkin / W. Wang
[Sen et al. 2005] Strizich / Javitt
[Nayar et al. 2006] Tian / Agarwal
[Levin et al. 2007] Wang / Neuhaus
9 Nov 16 [Paris et al. 2011] Neuhaus / Tomita
[Velten et al. 2013] Wu / Zhang
[Wu et al. 2012] Drain / Shanker
Final project presentations Friday, Nov 20, 11:30am

Tentative Reading/Presentation List

Each student will present a paper in class, and each student will also be assigned as a discussant for a paper in class. These presentations + discussions will be scattered throughout the quarter. Below is a tentative list of possible research papers we will choose from.

Image editing

[Gatys et al. 2015]
A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style
[Gooch et al. 2005]
Color2Gray, SIGGRAPH 2005
[Avidan and Shamir 2007]
Seam Carving for Content-Aware Image Resizing, SIGGRAPH 2007
[Rubinstein et al. 2008]
Improved seam carving for video retargeting, SIGGRAPH 2008
[Hertzmann et al. 2001]
Image Analogies, SIGGRAPH 2001
[Agarwala et al. 2004]
Interactive Digital Photomontage, SIGGRAPH 2004
[Perez et al. 2003]
Poisson Image Editing, SIGGRAPH 2003
[Levin et al. 2004]
Colorization Using Optimization, SIGGRAPH 2004
[Fattal 2008]
Single image dehazing, SIGGRAPH 2008
[Chuang et al. 2001]
A Bayesian Approach to Digital Matting, CVPR 2001
[Joshi et al. 2009]
Image Deblurring and Denoising using Color Priors, CVPR 2009.
[Wu et al. 2012]
Eulerian video magnification for revealing subtle changes in the world, SIGGRAPH 2012
[Bae et al. 2006]
Two-scale Tone Management for Photographic Look, SIGGRAPH 2006
[Shan et al. 2008]
High-quality Motion Deblurring from a Single Image, SIGGRAPH 2008

Modified camera/light/optics

[Nayar et al. 2006]
Fast Separation of Direct and Global Components of a Scene using High Frequency Illumination, SIGGRAPH 2006
[Petschnigg et al. 2004]
Digital Photography with Flash and No-Flash Image Pairs, SIGGRAPH 2004
[Yuan et al. 2007]
Image Deblurring with Blurred/Noisy Image Pairs, SIGGRAPH 2007
[Sen et al. 2005]
Dual photography, SIGGRAPH 2005
[Levoy and Hanrahan 1996]
Light Field Rendering, SIGGRAPH 1996
[Gortler et al. 1996]
The Lumigraph, SIGGRAPH 1996
[Levin et al. 2007]
Image and depth from a conventional camera with a coded aperture, SIGGRAPH 2007
[Velten et al. 2013]
Femto-Photography: Capturing and Visualizing the Propagation of Light, SIGGRAPH 2013


[Mertens et al. 2009]
Exposure Fusion: A Simple and Practical Alternative to High Dynamic Range Photography, Computer Graphics Forum 2009
[Durand and Dorsey 2002]
Fast bilateral filtering for the display of high-dynamic-range images, SIGGRAPH 2002
[Fattal et al. 2002]
Gradient Domain High Dynamic Range Compression, SIGGRAPH 2002
[Debevec and Malik]
Recovering High Dynamic Range Radiance Maps from Photographs, SIGGRAPH 1997
[Reinhard et al. 2002]
Photographic Tone Reproduction for Digital Images, SIGGRAPH 2002
[Paris et al. 2011]
Local Laplacian Filters: edge-aware image processing with a Laplacian pyramid, SIGGRAPH 2011
[Debevec et al. 2000]
Acquiring the Reflectance Field of a Human Face, SIGGRAPH 2000