A framework for transient rendering

1Universidad de Zaragoza 2Disney Research Zürich

In ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH Asia), 2014

Our transient rendering framework allows time-resolved visualizations of light propagation. The caustic wavefront produced by the spherical lens above is distorted by the lens and also delayed due to the longer optical path traversed within the sphere. Note that in this scene we omit the propagation time of the last segment (from the scene to the camera).


Recent advances in ultra-fast imaging have triggered many promising applications in graphics and vision, such as capturing transparent objects, estimating hidden geometry and materials, or visualizing light in motion. There is, however, very little work regarding the effective simulation and analysis of transient light transport, where the speed of light can no longer be considered infinite. We first introduce the transient path integral framework, formally describing light transport in transient state. We then analyze the difficulties arising when considering the light's time-of-flight in the simulation (rendering) of images and videos. We propose a novel density estimation technique that allows reusing sampled paths to reconstruct time-resolved radiance, and devise new sampling strategies that take into account the distribution of radiance along time in participating media. We then efficiently simulate time-resolved phenomena (such as caustic propagation, fluorescence or temporal chromatic dispersion), which can help design future ultra-fast imaging devices using an analysis-by-synthesis approach, as well as to achieve a better understanding of the nature of light transport.



Video (full-quality)


Adrian Jarabo, Julio Marco, Adolfo Munoz, Raul Buisan, Wojciech Jarosz, Diego Gutierrez. A framework for transient rendering. ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH Asia), 33(6), November 2014.
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