CS 69/169: Mobile X


Team Project Title Members
Verified Parsing for BLE Controllers Sameed Ali
Modeling Socioeconomic Patterns with Mobile Sensed Data Abigail Bartolome, Lessley Hernandez, Robert Price, Linford Zirangwa
Attractive Team (ATT) Assessing Content Preference Using Multi-modal Physiological Biosensors In Recommender Systems Chongyang Gao, Pengze Liu, Jialing Wu, Yinyin Zheng
Gesture-Based Human-Robot Interaction Peixuan Wang, Sihao Huang, Yijia Wu
COVID-19 Contact Tracing with BLE Signals Manzi, Maria, John, Abubakar
Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring By Measuring LaserTransmittance Through Skin Ho-Man Colman Leung