CS 69/169: Mobile X


Topics are subject to change as the term progresses.

Date Topic Papers Presenters Note
Mobile Communication & Networking
Sept. 15 Kickoff & Wireless 101 How to Read a Paper, CJS+10 Xia Join Slack and claim papers!
Sept. 17 Radio spectrum management [RMP+20] Colman
Sept. 22 Backscatter communication [JA19], [GAR+20] Sudharsan
Sept. 24 Extreme-High Frequency Communication (mmWave) [MAA+19], [SMG+20] Manzi
Sept. 29 Extreme-High Frequency Communication (visible light) [CTZ+20], [WWX+20] Guest speaker: Charles Carver Proposal due on Sept. 29
Mobile Learning/AI
Oct. 1 Machine Learning Models on Mobile [HSG+20], [LVA+20] Weichen (guest), Chongyang
Oct. 6 Applications of Mobile Learning [BMR+20], [LGK+20] John
Mobile Sensing
Oct. 8 Localization [NPR+20], [SCW+20] Sihao, Yijia
Oct. 13 Material Sensing [HLK+20], [PSK+20] Pengze, Robert
Oct. 15 Project Mid Presentation
Oct. 20 Health & Behaviors (I) [PDR+20], [YYW+20] Lessley, Yinyin
Oct. 22 Health & Behaviors (II) [OHW+20], [BGN20], [TBR+20] Abigail, Jialing, Abubakar
Mobile HCI
Oct. 27 Novel Interactions [HHX+20], [PYW+20], [SFR+20]
Oct. 29 Mobile Virtual Reality [FZD+20], [TLP+20] Colman, Anqi
Mobile Security/Privacy
Nov. 3 Security of Internet of Things [ZXC+20], [RZD+20] Maria, Peixuan
Nov. 5 Mobile Privacy [CLT+20], [LDS+20] Sameed
Next-Generation Mobile Platform
Nov. 10 Computational Fabrics [ZL20], [ZMG+20]
Nov. 12 Wearable & Skin Sensors [CND+20], [VYV20] Linford
Nov. 17 Project Final Presentation
Nov. 19 Project report due