CS 69/169: Mobile X


Topics are subject to change as the term progresses.

Date Topic Papers Presenters Note
Mobile Communication & Systems
Sep. 14 Kickoff & Wireless 101 How to Read a Paper, CJS+10 Xia Join Slack and claim papers!
Sep. 16 Radio spectrum management [GZL+21] Dinithi
Sep. 21 Extreme-High Frequency Communication (mmWave) [MCA21] Julien
Sep. 23 Extreme-High Frequency Communication (mmWave & visible light) [WZC+21] Kai
Sep. 28 Visible light communication & Power [LYX+21], [MWJ+21] Hunter, Joe Proposal due on Sep. 29
Mobile Learning/AI
Sep. 30 Machine Learning Models on Mobile [ZHW+21], [WDC+21] Waybarrios, Songyun
Oct. 5 Applications of Mobile Learning [XNV+21], [CLT+21] Dinithi, Jinyuan
Mobile Sensing
Oct. 7 Localization [SPB+21], [GBR21] Chixiang, Julien
Oct. 12 Material Sensing [HCH+21], [GGD+21] Hunter, Joe
Oct. 14 Project Mid Presentation
Oct. 19 Health & Behaviors (I) [FSR+21], [MFM21] Songyun, Jinyuan
Oct. 21 Health & Behaviors (II) [HMA21], [ZWJ+21] Chixiang, Kai
Mobile HCI
Oct. 26 Novel Interactions [HBH21], [LH21] Waybarrios, Hunter
Oct. 28 Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality [JCF+21], [VP21] Dinithi, Joe
Mobile Security/Privacy
Nov. 2 Security of Internet of Things [FYX+21], [SWL+21] Chixiang, ?
Nov. 4 Mobile Privacy [SH21], [GST21] Jinyuan, Waybarrios
Next-Generation Mobile Platform
Nov. 9 Computational Fabrics [ASM+21], [MMM+21] Kai, Julien
Nov. 11 Flexible Sensing Material [GSH+21], [LCC+21] Songyun, Julien
Nov. 16 Project Final Presentation
Nov. 18 Project report due